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Valentines at Petalcraft! 

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Show your Valentine that you care with a bespoke bouquet!


Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and what better way to show your loved one what you think of them than a bouquet of fine roses?

12 red rose bouquet using Grand Prix roses

There is a huge choice when it comes to red roses but we have carefully selected two beautiful rose varieties, offering longevity and great value for money.

Freedom red roses have large heads and gently rolling petals that burst into a beautiful big bloom.

Grand Prix roses are renowned as "the King of all red roses". With a large head and a deep velvety red hue, these are roses that really make a statement. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting red rose with a real WOW factor then these are the ones for you.

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Looking after your roses

To ensure your roses last as long as possible we recommend the following:-

  • If the bouquet has been delivered in a water bubble (aqua pack) make sure it is kept well watered, add some water daily

  • Aqua packs are not intended for long term display, so we recommend you transfer your roses into a vase

  • Be sure to remove any foliage that is below the waterline

  • Cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife

  • Always use the flower food provided, and keep them well watered

  • Change the water after about a week

  • Make sure your roses are kept away from direct heat or they will wilt and dry up

Alternatively, what about a rose arrangement?

 Rose Arrangement Example  

For something slightly different, why not give a rose arrangement instead of a bouquet? We have a range of ready-made designs to choose from, or we can create something unique and special just for your Valentine